About us

The Learning Web (TLW) is a well-established UK recognised national training and education specialist institution of distance and e- learning.


About the learning web

The Learning Web (TLW) is a well-established UK recognised national training and education specialist institution of distance and e- learning. We offer an array of accredited CPD and Ofqual qualifications by well-known awarding bodies such as City and Guilds, TQUK, Highfield, AQS, CPD groups in the UK and worldwide. 

The Learning Web (TLW)’s founders realised that whilst eLearning was a modern, efficient and cost-effective alternative to classroom-based training. 

The Learning Web (TLW) is set up by a group of highly qualified and experienced lecturers, assessors, and quality assurances specialists in different educational and vocational fields such as childcare, customer service, care, catering, teaching, functional skills, health and safety, first aid and others, to help individuals and teams bring out the best in them. 

Our course meets your requirements

We have invested heavily in developing suites of well-designed and created e Learning training courses which have had to meet our self-imposed high-quality standards to meet the awarding bodies quality assurance standards and our learners’ expectations.

We know that people often have difficulty finding an accredited training provider that offers a comprehensive fully inclusive service which provides the current necessary skills, training and certifications and employability training to help you get the job you are looking for.We have written our material from the perspective of what our learners need and how they can best engage with the subject and course material used to cover that subject. 

Our statutory and mandatory training courses and programs have been developed to meet the requirements of regulatory bodies such as the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Ofsted, Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and current UK legislation where relevant.These statutory and mandatory training course and programs  are available and it can be purchased ‘off the shelf’ from our extensive e-learning catalogue of tailored to your specific organisational or sector requirements. 

Individual and employers

We specialise in delivering a wide range of vocational qualifications and bespoke training courses developed specifically to meet the needs of both individuals and employers. 

Our endorsed accredited courses are affordable, convenient and open to individuals, businesses, further education providers, charities, will bring you a step closer to reaching your goals. 

We recognised from the very beginning that much of what was on offer from other providers was written by trainers with the trainers needs in mind. 

We are a trusted distance learning institute, we have been known quality distance courses. We also offer in-house training or CPD workshops for your staff groups at a location suited for you at a reasonable price. 

We believe in excellence to achieve success by offering high quality, timely and cost-effective UK accredited online training solutions for businesses and individuals.  We aim to help professionals to level up their skills and to grow in their career with highly valuable skills and knowledge for less from us compared to the market price.

We design and deliver the widest possible range of high-quality online training courses to empower our customers to gain valuable certificates to reach their career goals. We aim to make the learning very accessible to everyone, we offer easy and manageable payment plans up to 12 months with no credit checks required for Ofqual accredited courses.

Our vision

We passion to transform people’s lives for a better future through learning and to step forward in their career.

Because learning never ends, we are continually striving to become the UK’s leading training provider to deliver innovative, flexible, affordable, accredited, and regulated e-learning courses that perfectly suit everyone’s need.

Our goals aim to enhance our learner’s personal and professional development skills by enabling them to learn from their own comfort zone, time and pace and to ensure fast progression.

Here at The Learning Web, we are building lasting, honest, open and mutually rewarding relationships with leading subject matter experts, partners, clients and suppliers.

Our core values

Our learners are the centre of everything we do

We endeavor to support and guide them until they gain their certification and beyond by providing free one-to-one careers advice and guidance.

Our trainers and assessors are reliable, dedicated and friendly

Our staff will support our learners along the journey of their course, and they can be reached within the messaging system from their student’s account.

Providing life-changing opportunities for our learners

We are driven by the desire to provide life-changing opportunities for our learners We believe that giving our learners chance to identify the most suitable learning path and opportunities based on their skills and aspirations and together with them and enable them to access the largest and most comprehensive range of compliance and employability courses, it will help them to achieve their goals.

All our courses are crafted by qualified trainers.

All our learning materials are written and created by qualified and experienced trainers/assessors We constantly evaluate our courses to ensure that we are putting across the best and most current and authentic curriculum information whilst maintaining the highest of standards. We continually strive to deliver better quality training and valuable learning materials to bring you a step closer to reaching your goals and take your career to the next level or possibly start in an exciting new direction.

Professional and accredited CPD or ofqual courses.

We provide professional, reliable audio-visual friendly user training courses which are accredited by CPD or ofqual. All our courses are tailored to ensure that whatever the learning style might be, it is covered. Our learners will receive their student log-in details through email and then they can immediately enroll online.

Customer Satisfaction is a priority

We are dedicated to ensuring that each learner's experience is enriching, engaging, and fulfilling. To maintain this high standard, we continuously seek and act on feedback, providing responsive support and consistently updating our course offerings to meet the evolving needs of our users.

Why should you choose us?

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We also offer

Choosing The Learning Web for distance learning because we offer the following

Quality accredited Distance learning courses.
  • We are an accredited training institution that offers a wide range of flexible, prestigious, fully accredited courses and awarded nationally endorsed qualifications by UK’s top awarding bodies upon successful completion of course.
  • Our professional training courses are valuable to help you reach your set target occupation, boost your career, enhance the impact of your CV and to ensure continuous growth and gain accredited qualifications that every employer value it.
  • Our courses are created and checked by industry qualified expert trainers /instructors/assessors in various fields, we’re bound to have the perfect one for you.
  • All of our courses and the learning materials are thoroughly checked and CPD approved, also it matches the other awarding bodies criteria.
  • The learning syllabus are interactive comprehensive, detailed, easy to understand for your peace of mind.
Dedicated expert tutor/ advisor’s support
  • Our tutors/assessors/ internal quality assurance & moderator are highly qualified, with a wealth of experience, you can rest assured.
  • Our staff always available and offer one to one support if you need it throughout the course via email, phones and zoom to help you achieve your personal/ professional goals and progress your career.
  • Our learners enjoy live assistance from our dedicated support team along with industry expert instructors for smooth learning experience
Instant accredited CPD e-Certificates on Completion
  • Upon successful completion of the course, you will gain free instant high-quality accredited and verifiable downloadable-digital certificates from expertly designed via our website 24/7.
  • We can send you the certificate by post, terms and condition applies.
Affordable and Competitive Pricing
  • You don’t need to spend extra money on conveyance if you learn from The Learning Web (TLW) learning management platform.
  • Choose from an extensive collection of courses at a reasonable price and save money and bulk discounts options are available.
Easy online payment options.
  • We want make learning more convenient and affordable by offering interest-free, monthly spread payments for Ofqual longer courses.
  • Flexible & Convenient 24/7 easy access to learning anywhere /anytime from any device
  • Because of our eLearning training courses are fully flexible, it permits our learners to study/ learn anytime at their own pace with full confidence and control.
  • Our learners access the online courses from anywhere in the world, from any device (mobile, tablets, laptops, etc) with just an internet connection. It is also compatible with all major browsers.
  • Our learning management portal is a friendly user, simple, easy to use and navigate with less or even no formal requirements. If you need technical support our staff happy to help.
Cancellations and refunds
  • We aim to make our learners satisfied and happy with our courses.
  • We endeavour to make joining online training as easy and straightforward as possible, nevertheless we also understand that occasionally our courses might not be right for you, or you change your mind. If you are unhappy with any aspect of the training delivered by us, we are happy to issue a full refund if you contact us within 15 days of your initial purchase.
  • We will request the following
  • Let us know where we went wrong so we can try and make sure we get things right next time.
  • Return your certificate if you’ve completed your course.
  • If it has been longer than 15 days, then refund requests are handled on a case by case basis.
  • We aim to deal with all requests swiftly and promptly. You should receive a response from our support team as soon as possible during our work hours.