First aid and why its important

First aid training for employees is vital to ensure proactive safety measures are in place at your organization. A safe workplace breeds better productivity and avoids preventable losses of manpower and vital man-hours. 

However, some attendees have historically been reticent about joining these courses; scared of the responsibility of being a first aider at work and suspicious of employer’s motives in enrolling them on the course. Hopefully this article will help to change the positioning of this training and help everyone realise what a huge perk and benefit it is to be able to learn these skills at work. 

Learning first aid is a fabulous team-building event. Not only do staff gain a transferrable skill but enjoy learning this knowledge particularly with the practical nature of the course. It is seen by many as a staff benefit; particularly if they are given the opportunity to learn adult and child first aid on this training, thereby empowering them with the ability to help their family at home, as well as being able to assist their work colleagues. 

In this article, you will find vital reasons why employees should invest time and resources into first aid certification and other vital training. 

Safety should be your number one priority. Here are the top five reasons why first aid training is important: 

1. Helps Prevent Worse Outcomes

It will cost more to deal with a serious injury that escalates due to a lack of first aid training. Getting your employees equipped with first aid skills can prevent accidents from getting any worse. 

Basic training for first aid could be a vital step to ensure no fatality is recorded at your workplace. 

2. Reduces the Number of Accidents at Work

Proper first aid training goes the distance to educate trainees on how to engage safety consciousness at work. Such training makes it easy for employees to avoid accidents and injuries while on duty.  

The right kind of training helps minimize risk and drastically reduces the occurrences of mishaps in a work environment. 

3. Encourages a Positive Working Environment

A working environment where safety training is made compulsory exudes an aura of advanced employee welfare. Employees will feel safer in the workspace and get improved morale boosts to perform duties. 

4. Provides Added Safety Training to Employees

Employees with proper first aid certification are an asset to any organization. Workers with proper first aid skills and certification could prove useful if there’s an emergency at your workplace. 

5. Ensures Proper Use of First Aid Kits in an Emergency

Correct use of first aid kits after an accident is essential to keep victims stable before they get medical care. 

Proper training is the only way to guarantee that your employees can make full use of a standard first aid kit. 

  • Helping to keep injured victims in less pain before professional medical help arrives 
  • Providing essential items to treat injuries with minimal effect before consultations with a medical expert 
  • Stabilizing accident victims before they can access other healthcare services 
  • Assisting with proper positioning of accident victims to lessen the effects of an accident 
  • Providing support for easier breathing and resuscitation before access to professional healthcare 
  • Timely first aid care after an accident could be the deciding factor if victims survive or not. 

First aid

First aid refers to medical attention that is usually administered immediately after the injury occurs and at the location where it occurred. It often consists of a one-time, short-term treatment and requires little technology or training to administer. First aid can include cleaning minor cuts, scrapes, or scratches; treating a minor burn; applying bandages and dressings; the use of non-prescription medicine; draining blisters; removing debris from the eyes; massage; and drinking fluids to relieve heat stress. 

To become an emergency first-aider the minimum level of first aid training you need is the Emergency First Aid at Work qualification. Employers must carry out an assessment of first aid training needs to determine whether an AP is adequate or whether they need to provide a person who has undergone the three-day First Aid at Work course. CPL Training provides scheduled First Aid at work courses in over 70 locations nationwide throughout the year. 

First Aid Certificate is a certificate that allows you to provide First Aid treatment to anyone who needs assistance during a medical emergency or event. This can be at home, the office, or any public area. First Aid jobs range from being a hearing aid dispense to being a first aid instructor. The average first aid instructor salary in the United Kingdom is £27,500 per year or £14.10 per hour. Entry level positions start at £9,960 per year while most experienced workers make up to £37,049 per year. 

The Learning Web is a leading first aid training business, we have many years of experience supporting  other businesses to ascertain exactly what training they need to comply with their Health and Safety requirements.  

Many first-aid related businesses get involved in helping managers evaluate risks and work closely with teams to establish the most appropriate training to meet the day-to-day challenges faced by their employees and customers. 

Many people just keep their fingers crossed accidents won’t occur. Or that if the worst happens, there will be a doctor or other medically trained person on hand to take charge and help. Sadly, accidents do happen and the HSE have released the following 2018/19 statistics on injury and illnesses at work (and these are just the ones that were reported!): 581,000 working people sustained an injury at work according to the Labour Force Survey; 69,208 serious injuries to employees were reported under RIDDOR; 28.2 million working days were lost due to work-related illness and workplace injury; and 147 workers were killed at work during that year. 

Unfortunately, according to RoSPA, it is in the home where most accidents occur. They report that every year in the UK more than 6,000 people die in accidents in the home and 2.7 million turn up at accident and emergency departments seeking treatment. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to learn these skills in a work environment to help protect your family at home. Taking a first aid course run by a highly qualified medical, health or emergency services professional teaches life-saving skills you can use at home or work and gives you the confidence to know when and how to act in an emergency. 

Any of the skills you learn could equip you with the knowledge you need to save a life, as well as improve outcomes for someone who has had an accident. Demand for first aid kit is increasing owing to the rising number of road accidents, increasing cases of falls in home and office settings, and growing awareness regarding first aid procedures across the globe. Increasing cases of falls in home and office settings has led to a rise in demand for first aid kits. 

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