Why choose The Learning Web?

We offer valuable and affordable professional training courses to help you reach your set target occupation, boost your career, enhance the impact of your CV, ensure continuous growth and gain accredited qualifications that every employer value it.





What are we offering?

*We are an accredited training institution that offers a wide range of flexible, prestigious, fully accredited courses and awarded nationally endorsed qualifications by UK’s top awarding bodies upon successful completion of course.

* Our professional training courses are valuable to help you reach your set target occupation, boost your career, enhance the impact of your CV and to ensure continuous growth and gain accredited qualifications that every employer value it.

*Our courses are created and checked by industry qualified expert trainers /instructors/assessors in various fields, we’re bound to have the perfect one for you.

* All of our courses and the learning materials are thoroughly checked and CPD approved, also it matches the other awarding bodies criteria.

*The learning syllabus are interactive comprehensive, detailed, easy to understand for your peace of mind.

*Our tutors/assessors/ internal qquality aassurance & moderator are highly qualified, with a wealth of experience, you can rest assured.

*Our staff always available and offer one to one support if you need it throughout the course via email, phones and zoom to help you achieve your personal/ professional goals and progress your career.

*Our learners enjoy live assistance from our dedicated support team along with industry expert instructors for smooth learning experience.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will gain free instant high-quality accredited and verifiable downloadable-digital certificates from expertly designed via our website 24/7.

We can send you the certificate by post, terms and condition applies.

*You don’t need to spend extra money on conveyance if you learn from The Learning Web (TLW) learning management platform.

*Choose from an extensive collection of courses at a reasonable price and save money and bulk discounts options are available.

*Easy online payment options.

*We want make learning more convenient and affordable by offering interest-free, monthly spread payments for Ofqual longer courses.

Because of our eLearning training courses are fully flexible, it permits our learners to study/ learn anytime at their own pace with full confidence and control.

*Our learners access the online courses from anywhere in the world, from any device (mobile, tablets, laptops, etc) with just an internet connection. It is also compatible with all major browsers.

Our learning management portal is a friendly user, simple, easy to use and navigate with less or even no formal requirements. If you need technical support our staff happy to help.

We aim to make our learners satisfied and happy with our courses.

We endeavour to make joining online training as easy and straightforward as possible, nevertheless we also understand that occasionally our courses might not be right for you, or you change your mind. If you are unhappy with any aspect of the training delivered by us, we are happy to issue a full refund if you contact us within 15 days of your initial purchase. We will request the following

  • Let us know where we went wrong so we can try and make sure we get things right next time.
  • Return your certificate if you’ve completed your course.

If it has been longer than 15 days, then refund requests are handled on a case by case basis.

We aim to deal with all requests swiftly and promptly. You should receive a response from our support team as soon as possible during our work hours.